Children's Kagura Joint Performances

The Hiroshima Toshogu Kagura Executive Committee has been holding training joint performances of children's kagura (Shinto ritual dancing) since 1992 as a means of encouraging the children of various regions, who will lead future generations, to inherit and understand traditional arts.
When the program was first launched, children's kagura joint performances were rare even within the prefecture, and many of the children who participated during that time are now part of kagura groups as adults.
In addition, the committee also visits practice sites for children in various regions every year to provide encouragement. These visits make it possible to experience how the children enthusiastically practicing at the visits are growing healthy in mind and body, and we have put great efforts into further growing the committee in order to respond to their enthusiasm.

Comments from children who have participated in performances up until now included, "The practice was tough, but it was a good experience", "I was nervous because there were so many people, but I was also happy", "The practice was difficult, but dancing in front of everyone felt great. I want to dance again.", "I had fun and it was also great being applauded by people", etc.

The purpose of the program is hold children's kagura joint performances as a place for children, who will inherit the future of Japan, to express and interact with traditional arts such as kagura (Shinto ritual dancing) and taiko drumming through repeated daily practices in order to cultivate successors to these arts, deepen understanding of regional arts, and to cultivate a love of one's hometown, including the people who appreciate these arts.